Serving in Africa

Congregation Beth Yeshua Kenya

Nakuru, Kenya

About Our Congregation

On September 3, 2007, Rabbi Greg Hershberg was off on what he believed was a God-ordained mission to the continent of Africa.

He arrived in Nairobi, Kenya where he spent the night. He connected with a group called Messianic Assembly of Yahweh, and spent days with them sharing the Word and Heart of God. They were reverent, humble and gracious. Rabbi was meeting with a young man, father and Pastor, and asked the Pastor how he felt about all the corruption that holds his people back from making progress. He looked up at Rabbi and said “Rabbi, I love you, but what good would it be if a person gains the whole world and loses his soul?” All Rabbi could say to this was, “Hallelujah!”

And so began our support of CBY Kenya, and friendship with our brother Stephen Ng’ang’a.

We completed the building of a school and orphanage in February 2012. What a blessing it is to teach the children of Nakuru the Grace and Truth of Almighty God. We send monthly support to this mission.

 What can I say? … Except, “God is great and greatly to be praised”  ~Psalm 48:1!

An Apostolic Voice

BYI was asked to be an apostolic voice to the Messianic Assembly of Yahweh. So the Lord moves again, and to God be the glory!

I Am The Nations... (Video)

On May 27 and June 6, 2017 at Congregation Beth Yeshua (CBY) in Macon, Georgia, we were blessed to welcome and fellowship with three of our four congregational leaders. This video is a compilation of past visits, and their recent joint visit.

 In this I am the Nations video, Pastor Stephen shares about Rabbi Greg’s 2007 visit at 34:00 mark.

 ” During those seven days I was a student listening to Rabbi teaching those people. And then, three days he came into my house; we had a good time with my family and he left Kenya on the day of Yom Teruah. It was during the Feast of Trumpets – the day you left Kenya. 

 And I can tell you, since that day he left I felt like a new millennium has started in my life. Indeed, my life changed. It changed because of the words that I heard from Rabbi Greg, and the very wonderful things that I learned from him, and I decided to take them and to try them in my life. And, I can tell you, those words have changed my life, my family, my congregation, and very many people in the country.”

Beyond Kenya's Borders...

The Lord is reaching beyond Kenya’s borders through CBY Kenya to Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and The Congo, as we permeate Africa with God’s love and power.

Our Ongoing Vision for CBY Kenya

In Stephen’s own words:

“I am glad to declare our Heavenly Father’s goodness and mercy in our lives here in Kenya. To realize our aspirations and goals, we have organized a few things to help bring together the congregations in Nakuru, Lalwet, and Tabuga.

At CBY Kenya, we continue to celebrate all of God’s appointed times and feasts to include a complete Sabbath program every week. We broadcast from our covenant hall under the program named “The Chosen Few” for all who wish to hear. We also record tapes and CDs for sharing and distribution.”

~ Stephen Ng’ang’a
Congregational Leader

If you wish to support CBY Kenya, donations can be sent to Beth Yeshua International. Visit BYI’s giving page for more information.

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So then, you, my son, be empowered by the grace that comes from the Messiah Yeshua. And the things you heard from me, which were supported by many witnesses, these things commit to faithful people, such as will be competent to teach others also.

– 2 Tim 2:1-2