Hebrew Instruction

A Holy Tongue…


Beginning Hebrew classes are held every Shabbat at 2:00 pm. This class meets in the Education Wing in the 7-9 year-old, Tanakh Treasure Hunters’ classroom.

We teach:

  • The Alef Bet (the Hebrew alphabet)
  • Liturgy that we do every Shabbat
  • Well-known scriptures from the Torah

The text used in this class is The Hebrew Primer, by Ruby Strauss, Ahuva Schuller, and Lillian Adler, ISBN-13: 978-0874413922. 

Brachot b’shem Yeshua HaMashiach


    Mark Richey
    Hebrew Instructor

    [email protected]


    The Hebrew Instruction classes are held for any student who can read English, regardless of the student’s age.

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    Learn Hebrew…

    – Yeshua did!