Tending the Garden…

Tending Our Father’s Land

At CBY Macon, the congregants volunteer for upkeep of our grounds. Tasks range from spreading pine straw to pulling weeds, pruning shrubbery, and planting. This land is our land, given to us by our Father, and we are grateful to keep it beautiful!

 “Adonai, God, planted a garden toward the east, in ‘Eden, and there he put the person whom he had formed.” ~ Genesis 2:8 (CJB)


Alan & Gabrielle Giles
Ministry Coordinators

Contact Our Landscape Team

Our landscape was planted and is maintained by CBY Macon’s congregants–our little slice of Israel in Macon, Georgia. The trees, plants, etc. are indigenous to Israel. 

Do you have a green thumb, and like to play in the dirt? Leave us a message if interested in working with us.


And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed

– Genesis 2:8