P112 Messiah’s Militia

Training Men of God…

Messiah’s Militia

In just a few words, Psalm 112 sums up what it means to encourage [put courage in] the men in our chavurat (fellowship)–to reverence and fear ADONAI (the LORD), and delight in His ways, understanding the blessings that are in store for those who choose this way.

Believing that men are the framework or skeleton that carries our congregation, our men meet regularly on the second Sunday (Yom Rishon), to encourage one another, by intertwining our lives, sharing our hearts, and getting together to work on projects around the synagogue.

David Johnston
Ministry Coordinator


More than mere words… It’s a mandate!

P112 Messiah’s Militia is the men’s fellowship at Congregation Beth Yeshua Macon. It is a reference to the fullness of Psalm 112.

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Halleluyah!  How happy is anyone who fears ADONAI, who greatly delights in his mitzvot. 

Psalm 112:1