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About Our Praise & Worship Team

When we read God’s Word, we see that praising and worshiping the God of Israel with music and singing has always been a delight of both His people and Himself.

There are many verses that speak of the Lord being celebrated, praised, and worshiped through music and singing. The heart of the praise and worship teams at Beth Yeshua International is to strive for God’s heart.

It is our vision, our mission, and our duty to lead God’s people in the songs of ADONAI, to grow in ever-increasing intimacy with our loving Heavenly Father, and to prepare the hearts of His people for the washing of the Word.

Joe Marks, Elder

Darren Butler
Worship Leader

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As praise and worship leaders, and worship teams, we are honored to serve the God of Israel and His people.

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Praise God in his holy place!
Praise him in the heavenly dome of his power!
 Praise him for his mighty deeds!
Praise him for his surpassing greatness!

– Psalm 150:1-2