Macon, Georgia

The Wall

A Place of Prayer and Intersession

In 2014 a replica of the Western Wall in Jerusalemwas completed at Beth Yeshua International. In Israel the Western Wall, Kotel in Hebrew, also known as the Wailing Wall, is a central place where tourists and local residents visit to pray, and place their prayer requests in the Wall. Rabbi Greg Hershberg wants to extend the same opportunity to local residents of Macon, Georgia and surrounding areas.

In the words of Rabbi Greg Hershberg:

“This Wall is intended as a place of prayer for all nations. I just felt like God impressed upon me to give something back to the community. We could be in a lot of different cities, but God called us here, and I feel the need.”

An opportunity

Building Community

Sharing One Another’s Burdens


Anyone who needs a quiet place to pray is welcome to come to the Prayer Wall.  Prayers can be placed in the prayer box at the Wall.

Rabbi Greg continues:

“So we thought, if we’re going to put something out there that’s going to designate a place to pray, (not that you have to go to Jerusalem, or that you have to come to Beth Yeshua to pray) the Prayer Wall is the perfect symbol for a place to pray. We wanted a communal prayer place that everybody can come to in this area.”


“I don’t know the different reasons, and I’m not here to critique that either, but I do know that when somebody’s going through a horrific time, a loss, or if somebody is dying of a terminal illness, I think it’s nice that they know there are people praying for them. We will take your requests once a week and seriously intercede.”

– Rabbi Greg Hershberg